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Get to know us and why we started!

We come with over 20 years of leadership, management, and customer service experience. Before going into business for ourselves we worked for the 2nd largest retail company in the world! Held a high level management position with the main responsibility to meet set budget commitments, drive sales and profit, and secure the best customer experience through a team of over 850 employees.


Our work history sounds great to many…so why did we leave? We left for 2 reasons. One, we have an amazing 5 year old who expects a lot of our time and we wanted to give her what she deserves. Secondly, my wife started looking for additional alternatives of income to ease our financial stress. She came across the Turo APP and decided we should give it a try with our vehicles.


We started by renting our 2 vehicles a year ago and decided to take a risk by fully launching in January of 2018, our fleet of 26 vehicles. After expanding our fleet of cars for the rental business it only made sense to expand even further within the car industry. Which is where I decided to launch a mobile car wash. Together, my wife and I then created On the Go Car Wash & Rental. We get to spend more time we our daughter and work with a team we like to call our family.


On the Go Car Wash & Rental is a corporation that specializes on an innovative method for car rentals and mobile car detailing. We do this through delivering on our values of commitment, innovation, and teamwork. These values support us in our ways of working in an efficient manner to ensure that each customer walks away with a positive experience.



To ensure a high level of customer service to both our commercial and non-commercial clients we keep your business hours, work hours and play time top of mind. We pride ourselves on prompt communication, schedule flexibility, and usage of eco-friendly quality products. Let us focus on keeping your car clean, while you focus on work or leisure. Schedule with us and we will get the job done!



The second part of our corporation offers a rental service through the APP, Turo. By clicking “Rent a Car” on the home page it will lead you to our actual Turo profile. You can choose from a variety of vehicles including luxury to economically friendly. After 1 year of commitment to our customers needs and through many learnings we achieved Power Host Status. This is based off of our customer experience ratings as well as the amount of vehicles offered. Please select the tab on the home page for further details.



Our goal as a corporation is to build a team that enjoys what they do and at the end of the day are people we can call family. Individuals that share our values, vision, and need for growth. We have immediate goals to expand to other markets within the U.S and long term goals of expanding internationally. In order to accomplish these goals we need to have the right people, the right team. We need leaders that will influence the business in the most effective way possible. We have very high expectations for ourselves as a corporation and can not continue to build if we don’t support each other.

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